Monday, June 07, 2010

I Want To Go To The Tony Awards

I'm just saying.

I'm shooting a short film all day on Saturday - but I could probably get there on Sunday afternoon. Early flight.

I could crash it - but I really don't want to...I mean...I'm not sure of the type of people who crash The Tony' follow me?

I imagine there's a lot of spray tan, Chanel No. 5, possibly some fabulous wigs, and a lot of Botox...and that's just the guys...

I have a dress. It' a simple number. Black. Velvet.

I have shoes and a bag. And I can get a cab to the theater from JFK.

I don't have a show recording that Monday morning - and graduation isn't until Wednesday, so I could stay overnight in Manhattan.

I have everything!

Except a date.


Or an invitation.

Guess I'll be watching it from the comfort of my home...but I'm wearing my dress and shoes and bag...

It might be better. More fun this way. Because...if I see anyone cute in the audience I can freeze on their face and squint my eyes, and pretend that's me standing next to them. Congratulating them on their win. Or accepting my award.

Hey! Never say never!

Or delusional fantasy.

You know you love me - Candi

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