Friday, November 27, 2009

So, I have been relatively happy over the last four or five or ten months - and haven't had much to say. So I have been absent. An unexcused absence. It's going on my permanent record.

But, here I am again. you knew I'd resurface. I'm going to leave myself a post-it to remind myself to come back at least once a week and harass you. I like Post-Its. They remind of bad love. They stick like crazy and then when it's over - poof - you never knew they were there. Don't leave a mark.

I'm curious about several aspects of my world again and thought I'd ask aloud:

1. Why isn't it treason for the Secret Service to allow gate crashers at a White House dinner?

2. What will happen when Disney buys everything? There will be no mothers in any film - and everything will leave that saccharine after taste...

3. Where are the honest people hiding?

4. Can we all live in a state of gratitude for 42 days? Can we truly be thankful for all and any that the world has to offer? It would be amazing if you could thank God for the lessons and the beauty in complete and utter crapola?

5. Why isn't Jack Black in more movies? I love him and his chubbiness.

6. Did anyone miss me? do I have relevance outside my house? If a tree sings a bad show tune in the shower will anyone think it has talent?

7. Did you miss me?

and now for a picture