Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hi All -

Just wanted to post that I have received 3 anonymous rebuttals to my YES on MERGER postings. My fave part is that they are all ANONYMOUS. But I will quote them here - AND - respond!

"You are a moron. Have you ever considered that you are insane."

My response:

Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. As my mother said, it takes one to know one, and they usually use the M-word first, because people use it about them a LOT. It's on the tip of their tongue. She is a smart woman. I gather from the anonymity that you must be shy or scared or just so angry that you can't stand yourself. Well take comfort. You are not alone. I'll bet there's lots of people who can't stand you.

And yes. I have often considered whether I am insane and each time I voted no. Next time I'll check with you first before deciding. Do you have your own phone line in your mom's basement?

"You are a moron. Have you ever considered that you are insane."

My response:

Well, obviously we need to talk about a few things. 1) Wait a few seconds to let your rage subside before hitting send again. Sometimes, when using a 1998 250MB computer with dial-up, it takes a half an hour or so for hate to upload. 2) The last part of your comment demands a question mark. They look like this: ?

"You are a moron. Have you ever considered that you are insane."

My response:

In some third world countries we'd be considered engaged now that you have contacted me 3 times with the same anonymous comments. It's cute in a stalker-ish way. Oh. And you're not as anonymous as you think you are. That darn little cyberbully stopping Google...

The next time you think someone else might be insane because they have a different opinion than you, I want you to go upstairs, into the bathroom, look into the big shiny thing that reflects the image of who you truly are, it's called a mirror, try not to be horrified, and I want you to point at it. I then want you to imagine you are talking to me and scream MORON! Then take a good look at your fingers - they are all pointing back at your life.

Thank you for writing in and expressing your comments so articulately. I can see you have a lot of clear ideas about things and I understand your position so much better now. That is me being facetious. A very big word for a moron, no? When you get as brave as I am and can stand behind what you write write back and I'll post it for all the 11 or so people reading here to see!

Until then, have an outstanding day! And don't forget your noon meds!

(You just can't make this stuff up...)

You know you love me...Candi


Gerry said...

Candi: if that 'person' felt they had to post that same inane response thrice, it's little wonder that they're anonymous. Tact, intelligence and courage are not character traits present in those who make infantile remarks and don't have the guts to leave their name attached to them.

Candi Milo said...

I just thought about the rage in hitting send 3 times and not realizing it. It's so very Sarah Palin - all trigger happy, no ammunition. I must be hitting close to home... Anonymity is for exes and cowards.