Saturday, March 10, 2012

And an even BETTER rebuttal!! Again - I was there!

Here's a more detailed further input highly respected source re: the ridiculous comment:

"So AFTRA undercut SAG and wound up with all the TV shows that were once SAG shows."

1) FYI, AFTRA got the work NOT because they were cheaper but DESPITE THE FACT that their contract was and is BETTER than SAG's. We make more money working on a primetime network TV show under an AFTRA contract than a SAG.

2) AFTRA has not signed a single show that "was once SAG's". The producers have simply chosen to produce virtually every NEW show they make under an AFTRA rather than a SAG contract. This started in 2008 when the very same people who are now opposing Merger CHOSE to refuse to make a deal with the producers for 10 months after the SAG contract expired. So, the producers CHOSE to work with the union with which they had a contract than with the union with which they did not. And since that time they have CHOSEN to do the same.

Only by merging can we remove the producers' ability to make that choice.

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