Thursday, December 31, 2009

So...Sometimes God hears your prayers and sends you an angel...and a downright handsome one at that!

I am hoping against hope that tomorrow I'm caller #10.

Or that he knows Stanley Tucci.

Happy, Glorious New Year everyone!

Love Love Love - Candi!!

Dear Candi,
I read your blog! What a joy to know I inspired you for all these years!

I also just whispered a prayer for you to have a wonderful 2010.
May God bless you abundantly and please know that I am here for you... if you're caller #10... he he

Your fan,
Rick Dees

P.S. Tape this next to "Expect The Best":
"It's Not the Money..It's the Amount"


Gerry said...

A glorious New Year to you too, Candi!

Anonymous said...

God will always hear my honest prayers. I pray for my life,my family and the ones who care and love me, and also for this world in need of peaceful coexistence.
Saludos y ojala estes bien de salud.